Welcome to Applied Resolution Technologies.   Our focus is in development and manufacture of special laser application products.  We exist because we provide products and services that industry requires, with a long history stretching from our inception in 1991.

These include Intrinsically Safe IECEx Certified lasers used in coal mining and oil/gas industries, fencing alignment laser theodolites, veterinary laser therapy systems, and fibre optic test products.  Our products are all developed manufactured by us.

We welcome you to our web site, and encourage you to view our products and applications.  Please contact us with any questions or requirements.


Applied Resolution Technologies has been developing and manufacturing specialized tough laser systems in Australia since 1991.  The products outlined in this web site include a broad variety of systems used in mining, therapy, agriculture and industry.

Lasers for the mining industry are made tough because they need to be.  Available in IECEx Certified for underground coal mining, or as standard uncertified products for hard-rock mining, the ART mining lasers are designed to be used with convenient removable battery modules and can be supplied with mounting and adjustment brackets to suit your requirements.  Available with either green or red laser outputs, the ART laser systems are optimized for performance and stability, while maintaining alignment in the roughest environments.

As an industry expert in laser safety for industry, especially the mining sector, we provide laser safety training and advise the industry of laser safety concerns when identified.

A variant of the IECEx Certified lasers is available for testing of fibre optic cables  hazardous environments, even revealing points of loss or breaks using visible laser scattering.

Applied Resolution Technologies VLX-635 fencing alignment systems have been manufactured since 2006, and supplied to many happy fencing contractors and vineyards.  The laser system allows one-person setup to reduce the cost of fencing jobs, and provides a live alignment reference that is useful for up to 500 metres in either direction.

In recent years, ART has embraced emerging technologies to advance laser applications where possible,  with Low Energy Bluetooth control of veterinary therapy lasers and Android APPs that record every treatment parameter.  Including infrared thermography into the APP expands laser therapy to identification of treatment sites, and potential verification of treatment efficiency.

Our business activities revolve around responding to the needs of our clients, and identifying new applications where our expertise can be applied to fill a gap in laser applications for industry.  We continue development of new products and improvement of our long-standing systems......continual improvement is a key driver for quality products under our Quality Management System.  The SLX-635P laser for mining, for example, has been continuously manufactured since 1994, but is always undergoing improvement and evolution.

Being in business since 1991 is testament to our product quality.


In our documents you will see the logo as displayed to the left.  This is the registered logo of IECEx, a Division of the IEC.  ART has its intrinsically safe products Certified under the IECEx Scheme.  Details of our Certification can be viewed at www.iecex.com.  Our Quality systems are annually audited under this scheme to be compliant with both IECEx and ISO9001.
Our Certification documents are available for download below.

IECEx SIM 13.0005 CoC (Issue 1)

IECEx SIM 13.0005-2

IECEx SIM 13.0005- 3


JATCO - MLA 131657-5 - 18 - Licence


VLX-635T : new laser theodolite for long range alignment and levelling

Applied Resolution Technologies has been supplying the VLX-635 laser theodolite for many years, for long range fencing and vineyard alignment.  Because our users have requested levelling options, we have recently been developing a system that has an in-telescope laser as well, that provides for long range alignment/level functions.  The in-telescope laser is modulated so that …

smART Veterinary Therapy Systems available

smART Laser Therapy Systems Applied Resolution Technologies is pleased to announce that the smart Laser Therapy systems for Veterinary use are available from August 14th, 2018.  The systems are available in 3 kit configurations : smART Laser Therapy only, with laser, tablet, reference book  and APPs smART ThermAPP laser kit as above with ThermApp camera …


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