Applied Resolution Technologies utilizes the natural high symmetry of hexagonal shapes in most of its products.  Hexagonal shapes are used by bees to achieve maximum volume in the hive.   It is one of the most efficient shapes in nature, so why not use it for our products??

Hex shapes have two- three- and 6-fold symmetry.  Raw extrusions in brass, steel and aluminium are readily available as standards, and present nicely in 3-jaw chucks for machining.  Hex shapes don't roll off the bench, and have flat surfaces suitable for engraving.

The high symmetry allows our axis-adjustable lasers to be adjusted to the hex symmetry axis, and allows our end users to easily check alignment against a flat surface and reference.

ART has used this logo since 1991.  But what does it represent if our products are mostly hexagonal?  Well, no relation to the hex shapes unfortunately.  But it does have an origin as a map of Australia overlayed with a representation of the map of Japan.  The underlying company behind ART is JATCO (Australia) Pty Ltd. which is short for Japan-Australia Technical Consulting.  In our early years we spent a lot of time in Japan and working with Japanese entities.  Most recently our focus has been in Australia, but the sentiment in the logo remains.

In our documents you will see the logo as displayed to the left.  This is the registered logo of IECEx, a Division of the IEC.  ART has its intrinsically safe products Certified under the IECEx Scheme.  Details of our Certification can be viewed at www.iecex.com.  Our Quality systems are annually audited under this scheme to be compliant with both IECEx and ISO9001.
Our Certification documents are available for download below.

IECEx SIM 13.0005 CoC (Issue 1)

IECEx SIM 13.0005-2

IECEx SIM 13.0005- 3


JATCO - MLA 131657-5 - 18 - Licence