The BLX-515S long range laser system is the most versatile and advanced intrinsically safe laser system available today.  It utilizes the very best of green laser diode technology, smart laser control and protection electronics, high temperature epoxies, ART trade-craft hex shapes, removable Intrinsically Safe battery modules, and adjustable iris systems.

The BLX-515S is a true Class 2M laser, with a 5 milliWatt, 20mm diameter exit beam for the best in long-range performance.  To aid in close-range re-alignment with drop-downs, the laser is fitted with a manual iris assembly to aperture the beam down to the centre few millimetres.

The BLX-515S is also available with a fixed battery system

The BLX-515S laser system requires the following components:

  • BLX-515S laser head
  • BB-5C Intrinsically Safe battery module
  • BLX-XY(G) laser adjustment mount.