Fencing Alignment and Construction Lasers

Complete system

The VLX-635 laser theodolite is a standard high precision theodolite with an integrated laser head that is aligned to the optical axis of the theodolite in both forward and reverse directions.  The laser rotates, generating effectively a vertical plane.  The laser can be detected up to 500+ metres from the theodolite, providing up to 1km of fencing alignment.

The facilities of the precision theodolite provide angle setting, long range aiming, levelling and site layout.




See demonstrations of fencing alignment on https://youtu.be/iD61v-xmux8  .  Another demonstration is at https://youtu.be/ri7eSfNhzdM.

Build onto your Theodolite

ART has made the precision laser systems available for fitment to third-party theodolites.  Some information is required to provide the right configuration.  Because the laser units are provided for fitment, they are provided with an external battery module that clamps onto the tripod legs.