IECEx Certified Fibre Testers

Sometimes  things are just meant to happen.  Based on the reliability and toughness of the SLX-635P (now SLX-635S) Intrinsically Safe laser, we were asked if it was possible to make an IS Fibre Tester.  Using the same age-old design parameters, but replacing the laser unit with a fibre-coupled laser head, the FLXS-635- series of products emerged.

The FLXS-635-ST and FLXS-635-SC laser units provide 5mW of laser power directly into a fibre coupler, to which fibres can be easily connected for testing.  The FLXS products show fibre breaks through visible light scattering at the break (or inefficient coupling), and provide bright laser indication at the end of a good fibre for fibre selection.  The system has proven to be useful over several kilometres.

A new fibre optic laser safety classification has been introduced recently.  We classify the FLXS-635 products as "HAZARD 2M".  Contact us if you are not sure about laser safety classification.