The SLM-515S medium range green laser system has recently undergone a slight revamp to improve performance.  The collimating optics have been improved to better define the spot at 200 metres, which has simultaneously made the laser head a few millimetres longer and improved the beam steering adjustment . The SLM-515S laser head is also now available in both a Class 2 (1mW) and Class 3R (5mW) versions, with the same reliable smart laser control and protection electronics, high temperature epoxies, ART trade-craft hex shapes, and removable Intrinsically Safe battery modules.

The SLM-515S laser is a direct replacement for the lower specification LD-35G green laser systems, which appear to use old DPSS laser technology and not efficient direct green diode technology.  The Class 3R SLM-515S system has become quite a mine favourite due to its price, distance performance, removable battery units and high visibility.

The SLM-515S laser system requires the following components:

  • SLM-515S  green laser head (either Class 2 or Class 3R)
  • BB-5C Intrinsically Safe battery module
  • SLX-XY(G) laser adjustment mount.