smart Accessories

smART Lasers

smART Lasers

smart Lasers are available as additional components to your system.  Only one laser can be operated by each tablet at a time though.  smart Lasers are available as 808nm Infrared systems, 635nm red systems, or 515nm green systems.

One 808nm smart Laser is included with the kit systems.

Reference Book


LASER THERAPY IN VETERINARY MEDICINE is a fantastic, recently published book with lots of information and references for your journey into Laser Therapy.  We include this book with our systems because we believe that it is great reading, full of interesting applications, and an inspiration for you to begin your laser therapy treatment processes.

Laser belt/carry pouch

Laser Belt Pouch

These leather belt/carry pouches are perfect for storing your smart laser in, or for mounting on your belt to sit the laser in so that it is easily accessed when you need it.  Made from quality leather with belt clip, carry/hanging handle and press-stud for keeping your laser safe.

Hand Strap

Tablet Hand Strap

These tablet hand straps simply clip onto the tablet and allow your hand to slip between the strap and the rear of the tablet.  This allows the tablet to be held easily during use, even with the stick-on accessories below.  The hand strap is comfortable and simple to use, and a must-have accessory if your tablet is not being used in a tablet stand.  The tablet hand strap is sold with the tablet soft case shown below.

Tablet Case

Tablet Soft Case

It is not often you find a great accessory that just feels right, and fits everything yu need it to fit.  These Tablet Cases have a soft interior to protect the tablet, and fit any of the standard Samsung Tablets that we provide with the smart Laser systems.  The tablet case even fits the hand strap and the tablet with stick-on Go-Pro accessories.  The tablet case and hand strap are sold together as one kit.

Phone mount

FLIR ONE PRO Phone Mount

The FLIR ONE PRO normally plugs directly into the micro-USB port of the Samsung Tablet.  However, some tablets have the USB port on top, some on the bottom.  It is sometimes convenient to mount the FLIR camera separately, so these smart-phone mounts with 1/4" camera threads are perfect for the FLIR camera.  They do not obscure the camera operational buttons or features, and provide a simple way to hold the camera either on a tripod, or on various Go-Pro accessories that you can buy.  The camera will even mount on the Go-Pro clip stuck on the rear of the tablet, and can be connected using the short additional cables that are also available as accessories.

ThermApp Accessory Pack

Tablet Soft Case

The ThermApp accessory pack includes a soft ThermApp carry case, handle for the camera, selfie stick and flexible tripod for camera mounting.  Available from ART as stock or from ThermApp.



The FLIR ONE PRO is a consumer FLIR InfraRed camera for Thermography.  We only support the Android version.  The FLIR ONE PRO is available as a 160 x 120 pixel camera with either a USB-C or micro-USB plug.  Adaptors are required for the USB-C version to adapt to the Samsung Tablet.  The FLIR ONE PRO is provided in the smart FLIR kit.

Go-Pro accessories

Go-Pro accessories

Both the ThermApp and FLIR camera systems can be mounted in various ways using inexpensive accessories.  We prefer the stick-on clip accessories that attach to the rear of the tablet, but there are clips such as shown here.  We can provide them, or you can buy them anywhere.

ThermApp 388 x 264 pixel InfraRed Camera

ThermApp camera

The ThermApp InfraRed camera is a 388 x 264 pixel infrared thermography camera that is included with the smart ThermApp Kit.  The ThermApp Kit is provided with Android APPs for both the camera, and for the laser operation with the camera.