smart FLIR


This system combines the smart Therapy Laser with the small FLIR ONE PRO thermography camera.  This system reproduces the character of the smart ThermAPP system but with lower thermal resolution.  The thermal camera also does not allow certain features such as temperature limit settings, but it is inherently more stable thermally.

The combined system provides a low-cost entry level system for thermographic laser therapy.


The Android APP control system developed by ART is based on a Samsung 9.7" or 10.1" tablet.  ART supplies the tablets with the Android software installed.  The smart Laser Therapy system is not available for use on user-supplied hardware.  iOS versions are not available and are not anticipated.

The Android APP manages all file information, connection and operation of the laser, and recording of all information into pet files.  The system keeps track of battery power levels and provides associated low battery warnings where appropriate.  It even estimates how much more operating time is remaining so your treatments are not interrupted.

There are facilities for taking notes, facilities for using the Android on-board camera and video for recording details, and on-board user documents and training videos.


smART Laser Resources

There are training and user resources within the APP itself. These cover most functions of the system. Additional resources are available on here: