smart Laser Therapy

Welcome to the smart Laser Therapy systems.  We are very proud to introduce these products after a long development cycle involving a range of technologies.  These systems are intended for veterinary use.

HISTORY : Let me first pre-amble about the history of these products and why we think they are so smart!!!  We were approached by medical pain therapists to reproduce and manufacture hand-held laser therapy products in Australia.  First item is that ART never reproduces anything, and we never manufacture me-too products.  But what came from this venture was our ideas to make laser therapy a little more scientific.

A handheld laser therapy device is all well and good, but while operating it the buttons are not generally accessible, nor is the display.  Devices rarely record the treatment information easily.  Yet we live in 2018 +, where we all have access to and some degree of exposure to SMART devices like phones, computers and tablets.  We are all familiar with Bluetooth, WiFi, spreadsheets and pressing buttons or swiping screens.

So our idea was to integrate laser therapy with available technologies, where the laser can be controlled and recorded using an APP, and where infrared thermography can be integrated with tablet cameras and also have the information recorded against a pet/patient's file.

We call it the smART Laser system because Applied Resolution Technologies abbreviates to ART.  We refer to it as smART because, well, we think the whole concept really is smart.

The system is sold in three options.  The first is the smART Laser Therapy system with a choice of lasers and the tablet/APP.  The basic smART system can obviously be upgraded at any time to include thermography.  Then there are two thermography packages using different infrared cameras.  The smART ThermAPP system uses ThermAPP basic cameras which provide high resolution.  The ThermApp TH system has a wider angle lens, and is more rigorous in its thermography application.

Applied Resolution Technologies has developed the lasers, the APPs, and then integrated the whole package with efficient Low Energy Bluetooth. Please review the information below, and spend some time looking at our demonstration videos.  While these systems are highly integrated, we intend to continue development and provide upgrades for the APPs remotely to improve on the vast range of facilities that are available.

Products are available for general veterinary use, or directly from ART for use within the equine fields.

LASER (only)

The basic smart Laser Therapy system includes a laser, and Android tablet with loaded APPs.  The APPs are proprietary and not useful with any other equipment, so are only available with product purchase.

Three laser types are available, each with dual beam outputs that are independently controllable :

  1. 2 x 500mW 808nm InfraRed lasers for tissue penetration therapy.
  2. 2 x 5mW 635nm red lasers for open wound therapy
  3. 2 x 5mW 515nm green lasers for skin lesion therapy.

The lasers operate in contact mode, with a user selected non-contact mode for wound therapy.

smART ThermApp

This smART Laser Therapy package includes the basic laser kit as well as a ThermApp infrared thermography camera.  ART has established and integrated the thermography control into the laser control APP and also provides an independent APP for thermography only.

The ThermApp infrared camera is a 384 x 288 pixel uncooled bolometer camera that uses Android software modified by Applied Resolution Technologies.

smART ThermApp TH

This smARTLaser Therapy kit includes the basic laser package plus Android software integrated for use with the ThermApp TH camera system.  The ThermApp TH camera system is a more rigorous thermography system with wider angle of view than the ThermApp basic camera.

Accessories and Aids

Click on the image above to view the range of accessories and aids available for the smart VET Laser systems